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Tammy Chambers, FNP

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You eat right and work out, but you still struggle with fat that won’t budge on your abdomen and arms. At TC Body Laser Sculpting & Aesthetics, nurse practitioner Tammy Chambers understands the frustrations of stubborn fat and offers you a solution with laser body sculpting. With this innovative treatment, she can melt away fat from your body for good. If you live in or near Bozeman, Montana, call today to schedule your appointment with the only office in the area that offers laser fat reduction and body sculpting. You can even book online.

Body Sculpting Q&A

What is laser body sculpting?

At TC Body Laser Sculpting & Aesthetics, Tammy Chambers offers innovative laser body sculpting with the cutting-edge SculpSure device. With the ability to target fat everywhere from under your chin to your inner thighs, you get maximum results with no pain and no adverse effects.

Using this modern laser technology, you can melt away up to 24% of unwanted fat from your treatment zone in just 25 minutes.

How does laser body sculpting work?

When you have laser body sculpting at TC Body Laser Sculpting & Aesthetics, Tammy uses equipment that harnesses the energy of laser light and focuses it directly into your fat cells, increasing their temperature.

Because of this increase in temperature, the cells become damaged and eventually die. As they do so, your body’s lymphatic system processes the cells and reduces them from your body, leaving behind a smoother and more contoured surface.

What happens during laser body sculpting?

Your laser body sculpting experience begins as soon as you enter the office of TC Body Laser Sculpting & Aesthetics. With its spa-like environment and relaxing ambiance, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine before your treatment even begins.

Once you’re prepared for the treatment, Tammy chooses the appropriate applicator belt for your treatment area and secures it to your body. She then snaps the device heads into the belt and makes sure they’re tight.

Once everything is in place, Tammy turns on the machine, which cycles between a cooling sensation and a deep warmth. This is normal. The cooling sensation protects your skin and helps to create the pain-free experience, while the deep warmth penetrates into your fat cells.

After 25 minutes, the treatment ends. Tammy disconnects the belt and you’re free to go. You have no restrictions and require no downtime.

Results are noticeable about six weeks after your treatment and reach maximum benefit at three months. In most cases, Tammy recommends more than one treatment session.

To see if you’re a candidate for laser body sculpting, call the office or go online to book your initial consultation and get one step closer to the body you’ve always wanted.

*Individual Results May Vary